Tonality analysis in online communities of musical performers: perspectives of the sociology of emotions

Мальцева А.В., Шилкина Н.Е.


The article deals with the social nature of emotionality. It is shown how emotions can be a kind of regulator, coordinator of relations in the Internet community and are simultaneously regulated by it. The dominance of a positive emotional tone in the network community is revealed, as well as the support of the positive tone by the community and the displacement of the negative one. Assumptions about the social causes of this phenomenon are put forward. Conclusions are drawn about the opportunities of the scientific apparatus of the sociology of emotions in the study of tonality as a social phenomenon.


sociology of emotions; online communities of musi-cal performers; tonality, automatic analysis of texts; social functions of emotions; rituals of experiencing emotions.

DOI: 10.31249/rsoc/2023.02.05

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