Book review: Adaptation and integration of migrants in Russia: challenges, realities, indicators: monograph / Muko-mel V.I., Grigorieva K.S., Monusova G.A., Smidovich G.S. et al.; ed. by V.I. Mukomel, K.S. Grigorieva; FCTAS RAS. – Moscow: FCTAS RAS. – 2022. – 400 p.

Rarenko A.A.


The book prepared by a team of authors (V.I. Mukomel, K.S. Grigorieva, G.A. Monusova, G.S. Smidovich, A.Yu. Tolmacheva, O.S. Chudinovskikh, A.A. Endryushko) discusses the actual problems of the processes caused by migration, such as the adaptation and integration of migrants into modern Russian society. The researchers focus on such issues as indicators of integration, attitudes towards migrants in Russian society, employment of migrants on the Russian market, working conditions of migrants in the Russian Federation, labor mobility of migrants, accessibility of housing, education and medical services for migrants, discrimination, values of migrants and of the host population, etc.


migrants; migration; migration process; education; medical services; discrimination; integration indicators; labor migration.

DOI: 10.31249/rsoc/2023.02.08

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