Sentiment analysis in media monitoring: areas of application and employers' request

Kazakova A.Yu.


Under the influence of informatization in the social sciences, there is an increasing demand for automation of a number of standard stages and routine procedures of research activities that cross the boundaries of academic discussions and subjugate the labor market. The article evaluates the ratio of employers' requests for media and so-cial media monitoring using traditional content analysis and automated sentiment analysis based on HeadHunter portal vacancies. Despite the fact that at this stage of development artificial intelligence cannot be considered as an alternative to human, there is a clear shift in employer preferences towards the skills of using ready-made software solutions that provide a rough, approximate, but prompt assessment of the tonali-ty of texts and user reactions to a social fact.


emotional register of the text, sentiment analysis, in-formation and analytical systems and platforms, vacancies.

DOI: 10.31249/rsoc/2023.02.06

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