Socio-cultural studies of the regions of Siberia (2010–2021): results and prospects

Nemirovsky V.G.


The study rationale relates to the increasing role of regions in the socio-economic and socio-cultural development of the country. The current state of socio-cultural turbulence intensifies the disproportions of socio-cultural dynamics and leads to an aggravation of contradictions between different territories. During 2010–2021, major research projects, based on the socio-cultural approach, were implemented at the regional and municipal levels in Siberia. This paper synthesizes the results of such projects, specifies some methodological problems and identifies promising areas of research. Sociocultural research conducted in the cities and regions of Siberia often has a polyparadigmatic and interdisciplinary character. It is revealed, that in many cases, the use of incomparable research methods does not allow a correct comparison of the data obtained. A number of concepts that may currently be an effective endorsement to the sociocultural approach to the study of Siberia have been proposed in the paper, such as the theory of cultural trauma (P. Sztompka) or the frontier theory (F. Turner).


sociocultural research; anthroposocietal approach; regions; cities of Siberia; Siberia as a macroregion.

DOI: 10.31249/rsoc/2022.04.08

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