«Coronavirus fears» and their validity: typology of regions

Kazakova A.Yu.


The work is based on (obtained from open sources) sta-tistical estimates of the parameters of the general population, which is the totality of the regions of the Russian Federation as subjects of per-ception of the risk of the spread of coronavirus infection in 2020. The purpose of retrospective analysis is to determine the degree of correspondence between real and perceived risk and to assess the role of those factors that make the greatest contribution to rational, adaptive group mentality, on the one hand, or to the induction of fear, on the other hand. The main differences between regions with different levels of anxiety are determined by the financial well-being of the population and the level of impersonal mass anxiety that has already developed before the pandemic, indicating pronounced processes of social disorganization.


coronavirus; adequacy of fear; discriminants of anxiety.

DOI: 10.31249/rsoc/2022.04.04

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