Book review: Klementiev D.S., Maslova A.G. Sociology of personality

Rarenko A.A.


The book by D.S. Klementiev and A.G. Maslova «Sociology of personality» briefly describes the main points of the theory of personality sociology. Despite the fact that the study of personality has a long history and goes back to the teachings of the sophists, there is still no single idea of man. Special attention is paid to the following aspects: human as personality and individuality, the question of the socialisation of personality, personality theory, paradoxes of personality, management and manipulation of identity, personality and issues of terrorism, personality and religion, personality and education, as well as mentality and value orientation of personality.


sociology of personality; personality; society; individual; personality theory; mentality; modern society.

DOI: 10.31249/rsm/2020.04.08

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