The editorial board of the scientific journal "Social Sciences and Humanities. Domestic and Foreign Literature. Series 11: Sociology" provides a review of all incoming materials. All the reviewers, cooperating with the journal, are considered to be experts in their intellectual field, and their papers have been published in leading scientific publications.

Materials (articles, literature reviews, book reviews, translations, summaries, etc.) shall be submitted to the official email of the journal ( or by electronic form on the website, afterwards they shall be submitted for anonymous review. Materials can be accepted for publication or rejected in accordance with the results of such a review.

The review period shall not exceed 1 month. The reviewer shall prepare a brief manuscript summary, indicating its advantages and disadvantages, the possibilities of its completion, as well as the expediency or inexpediency of its publication.

It is necessary to verify the compliance of the papers with the thematic profile, the traditional headings of the journal as well as the requirements for the processing of papers. It is also necessary to evaluate the scientific significance and novelty of the research results represented in the paper; the extent to which the results represented in the paper correspond to current scientific trends; the sufficiency of the sources used in the manuscript; the style of material presentation, compliance with the requirements for the structuring and integrity of the scientific text when reviewing articles and visions / reviews. During article summary, the following parameters shall be evaluated: the degree of completeness of the original author's position in the abstract, the nature of its reconstruction and preciseness of its presentation; the information value and text relevance; the adequacy of the reference material and remarks in the abstract. In case of reviewing scientific translations, the following parameters shall be evaluated: text novelty and scientific relevance; validity and persuasiveness of the translation of key concepts and terms; authenticity of the translation within the framework of the relevant school / direction in sociology; style of presentation; adequacy of the reference aids, selected bibliography and remarks in the paper.

If the article requires revision, we send a letter to the author with recommendations for improvement based on the review. In case of rejection the editorial board sends the author a motivated refusal.

Reviews are kept in editorial office for at least 5 years, copies of reviews may be provided to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon the request.