The idea of home in domestication theories

Kazakova A.Yu.


The article examines the spread of the category of domestication from biology to social sciences, the directions of research based on that category, the disclosure of its content taking into account the subject area and methodology. The content of domestication common to the natural and social sciences is determined by its evolutionary role in the processes of social and socio-cultural development, which makes evolutionism and diffusionism the most important methodological approach. The specificity of the social sciences consists in the possibility of interpreting domestication as the state of an acting subject at the micro-level of his social environment, primarily within the space that one considers home. Attachment to home becomes a fundamentally important concept for psychology, the redistribution of functions between public and private space, and consequently, a change in the structure of social space and social communications are the essence of domestication for sociology.


domestication; coevolution; diffusion; adaptation; technology; mass media; privatization; space; home; dwelling.

DOI: 10.31249/rsoc/2023.04.03

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